DraftKings fined in New Jersey for self-exclusion rule violations

In the state of New Jersey, gaming operator, DraftKings, has been fined twice by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) for self-exclusion rule violations. The details of the fines were released earlier this month, stating the operator had to pay over $10,000 for the infractions. The DGE provided this information as they published new rules for the gaming industry.


DraftKings must pay a $2,000 fine for sending materials to individuals who have self-excluded from gameplay. The company was found to have sent not only promotional emails but also direct marketing materials. The violation was noted back in April and DraftKings stated they would pay the fine in May.

The second fine totaled $5,000 and was given due to DraftKings failing to ensure that their measures and systems were operating correctly as well as failing to stop suspended players from wagering. They were also found to not have the adequate account suspensions in place. Due to the issue, the company was also ordered to pay $3,277 which was the amount won by players who were allowed to wager when they were not supposed to be.

According to a source…

The second fine was handed down by the D 7BALL CX GE due to an instance when the company discovered that cool-off status players were allowed to complete activities like a standard account holder. A software error from October 2018 set the cool-off stages for zero days.

The issue was corrected the same day but until the operator discovered the problem, wagers totaling $28,887 were placed. The $3,277 the company was ordered to pay back was the amount the bettors lost.

Continued Expansion:

The announcement of the fines comes at a time when DraftKings continues to expand their overall gaming options in the United States. The company announced back in April that they were working with NetEnt to provide online casino content to their online casino site located in New Jersey.

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The deal helps the operator to offer even more content to players in the region. In New Jersey, it not only offer sports betting but they have also seen success in the online casino sector.