EPIC Risk Management Brings in Cam Adair as iGaming and Esports Consultant

Gambling harm-prevention consultancy EPIC Risk Management has named leading expert on video game addiction Cam Adair as the company’s new online gaming and esports consultant. This is a strategic move that will reinforce EPIC Risk Management’s overall aptitude.

Adair to Teach Players to Make Informed Choices

Adair’s focus will be on preventing harm caused by esports gambling in Europe and the United States of America. His deep understanding and profound knowledge on the matter will be an invaluable asset to EPIC Risk Management’s cause.

Adair spoke that he is excited to work with EPIC. He believes as gambling addiction is becoming more common through gaming and esports, it is crucial to educate people on moderation and avert harm before it has happened. Adair will spread awareness and make sure players are knowledgeable on the matter and make informed ssbet77 decisions when betting on esports or in casinos.

EPIC Risk Management’s CEO Paul Buck was delighted to have Cam Adair joining the team. Buck revealed that he had admired Adair for a long time. As esports has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon, fans have become a significant part of the betting ecosystem – and a lot of them have become addicted to it. Adair’s expertise on video game addiction will be a major help in solving this issue. The CEO believes that EPIC and Adair have the same vision and that their combined efforts can truly make a change.

The Expert is a Valuable Addition to EPIC’s Lineup of Professionals

EPIC Risk management’s director of the UK and the rest of the world, Patrick Foster, also welcomes Adair on board. Foster is proud of the incredible partners in EPIC’s education center and believes Adair’s timing couldn’t have been better as EPIC needs more people like him to provide education sessions on the ever-growing topic of esports and video games.

Foster also shares that preventing gambling harm in esports is just as important as it is in sports. The director revealed that the sports partners of EPIC, which include professional clubs like Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, the English Football League, Manchester City FC, the Professional Cricketers’ Association, and the Rugby Players’ Association, often request the same kind of education on informed and moderate gambling.

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“In Cam, we have a wealth of knowledge to tap into for us to provide the right and pertinent information to at-risk demographics,” Foster concluded.

Adair boasts years of experience and is considered one of the best experts in the world when it comes to the cognitive treatment of gaming disorders. He is the founder of Game Quitters – the largest support community for video game addicts. It was founded in 2014 and currently covers 95 countries. Adair is also behind the INTENTA Gaming Disorder Clinical Training course, which was launched last year.

Gambling addiction has been giving gambling a bad reputation. Solving it as a problem will likely benefit the industry as a whole.