MGM Springfield brings back cleaning staff at 100% while remaining workforce reduced

As MGM Springfield prepares to reopen on Monday, the property has welcomed back staff members. While the cleaning staff is back 100%, the remaining employee numbers are a third of what they normally are. The property will only offer certain restaurant services, with many of the slot machines and table games shut down. There is no need to be staff at full capacity at this time.

Reduced Staffing:

In February, MGM Springfield produced a quarterly report that showed the casino had just over 2,000 employees at the time. The casino then closed mid-March, along with casinos across the US, as the coronavirus began to spread. With the casino reopening, only around 600 employees will be back to work.

As the casino reopens, guests will be required to wear masks. This has become the new norm within casinos in the US as they get back to work. Guests must continue to wear their masks and can only remove them to have a drink or eat. Visitors are being asked by the facility to no walk around with a drink so the mask can be in place when moving around. Beverag 7BALL es are also limited to those who are actively playing.

Cleaners at Full Capacity:

The sanitization of the casino is of the utmost importance. Because of the need for continual cleanliness, the cleaning department will be at full capacity. Individuals in this department will be moving throughout the venue to clean all surfaces.

According to vice president of Human Resources, MariKate Murren, the cleaning staff has completed training and learned the new protocols to ensure that the Springfield property meets the standards of the CDC and MDC.

The training was multi-layered, consisting of learning the new protocols as well as the seven-point safety plan created by the casino. Staff was given two to four hours of additional training in COVID-19 based on the section of the department they were located in.

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Employees in other departments are also responsible for helping with cleaning protocols. All employees must assist in cleaning to ensure that everyone stays safe.

The Last to Reopen:

As the MGM Springfield will reopen on July 13, it is the last to do so in the state of Massachusetts. Plainridge Park reopened earlier this week and the Encore Boston Harbor is set to reopen one day before MGM.

Each casino took their time to ensure the reopening requirements were met so that services could begin again in a safe and healthy manner.