PandaScore hires David Trehondart for the role of Head of Customer Success

On Friday, June 10th, 2022 one of the leading e – sports data as well as odds provider, PandaScore, has just recently brought in even more talent to its growing team of specialists and experts as they have announced the organization has now hired David Trehondart to fill the position of the Head of Customer Success.

Major Objectives PandaScore assigned to their new Head of Customer Success

Trehondart now will be responsible for ensuring that PandaScores’ customers are provided with as much value as imaginably possible from this exceptional award – winning e – sports data and odds makers that just so happens to sell access to PandaScores’ world – class platform and suite of sports betting products / services. David will also be asked to build as well as maintain very strong and long – lasting relationships with their large and quickly growing list of customers.

PandaScore is devoted to leveraging their profound and well – rounded team that offers PandaScores’ customers exceptional in – house technical experience as well as endless industry knowledge to help their market of consumers continue to grow at an exponential rate.

One of the major objectives of David’s new position with PandaScore is to guarantee there is a smooth technical transition / integration of PandaScores’ products and services offered, recognize performance improvement opportunities out there, and fully engage PandaScores’ customers base with their wide array of strong and successful offerings.

The Professional Background of David Trehondart

David Trehondart has a solid and proven background in finance as well as technology as he has held serious positions in those industries. Throughout Trehondart’s experience in senior roles at leading top – level organizations including Uber and Palantir, David has gained very valuable work experience interacting with high – profile business to business customers. Trehondart also holds an MBA from the prestigious London School of Business.

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Media Statements ufa800

The CEO of PandaScore, Flavien Guillocheau, had this to say regarding the hiring of David Trehondart as the new Head of Customer Success at PandaScore: “David is an incredible talent, and we are thrilled to welcome him to PandaScore as Head of Customer Success. That his experience is outside of the industry will bring a new perspective to the business, and this makes him a great hire. Having people from the world’s leading data companies like Palantir join PandaScore, and bring their invaluable experience in solving even the most complex and challenging cases, and overall world – class customer success experience, is immensely important to us.

 “While operators are aware of e – sports and the growing need to offer e – sports betting to players, many still need support in order to unlock the full potential of both the vertical itself and our platform full of innovative features and tools. Offering assistance, guidance, and tools to improve performance, identify product needs and growth potential – David will proactively lead these initiatives for PandaScore, allowing our clients to deliver compelling e – sports betting experiences to their players.”

“I knew that for my next role I wanted to take on a position that would provide excitement and adventure, and while e – sports and e – sports betting are new to me, I knew PandaScore would be the perfect place to work,” the newly appointed Head of Success at PandaScore, David Trehondart, expressed.   

Trehondart goes on to say, “As soon as I spoke to Flavien I understood his vision, saw his deep knowledge of the market and the potential the sector has in terms of growth. Of course, PandaScore is at the cutting edge of this, and I could not be more excited to join its incredible team.”