PUBG Mobile Banned More Than 2.2 Million Cheaters

PUBG Mobile permanently banned more than 2.2 million cheaters in less than a week. A new monitoring system fighting against cheaters was revealed with the recent v1.0 update of the game.

More Than 2.2 Million Cheaters Banned in Less Than a Week

Saturday, September 12, PUBG Mobile announced that it banned permanently more than 2.2 million cheaters. PUBG Mobile said on twitter that in the period between September 4 and September 10, some 2,245,936 have been permanently banned from accessing the game. According to the official statistics, the most common cheat that was used by the players was x-ray vision and some 52% of the total banned players used this cheat tool. Auto-aim cheats were used by 23% of the banned players, some 8% were found to use speed cheats. Some 6% of the banned players used a character model modification tool, 6% used other types of cheating tools and 5% used a modification of area damage.

Earlier this week, PUBG Mobile launched its v1.0, dubbed as “new era”. The recent update brought new weapons, an upgrade to the Erangel map as well as new game modes. But with this update, PUBG Mobile undoubtedly focused on reducing the number of cheaters in the game. Many fans of the mobile battle-royale will appreciate this move as cheating in the game has been a longstanding issue. Undoubtedly this is already changing as back in August, over one week PUBG Mobile permanently banned another portion of 2.2 million cheaters.

From September 4th to September 10th, 2,245,936 accounts have been permanently suspended from accessing our game, out of which these are the reasons:

⬜ 52%: X-Ray Vision
⬜ 23%: Auto-Aim Cheats
⬜ 8%: Speed Cheats
⬜ 6%: Other

— PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) September 11, 2020

PUBG Mobile’s Ban Pan Review System  

Besides weapons and new game modes, PUBG Mobile “new era” also brought a video review system. The new video review feature called “Ban Pan” aims at fighting cheaters with the help of reviews by investigators. This newly introduced system reminds of the Overwatch system used by CS:GO which takes a similar approach in fighting with cheaters. Any player that wants to become an investigator can apply. Once approved, the player will be able to review videos of suspicious player behavior which are randomly assigned. Players who are reviewing suspicious behavior will be able to choose from three options:

Violation foundNo ViolationUnsure

Multiple players will review the same recordings and after that, the video and the reviewer’s judgment are sent to the official security team for further examination. If suspected violations are confirmed, then the official security team will ban the cheating player.

Players that participate by reviewing videos can keep track of their review level and review title. The “Ban Pan” will also track how many reviews each player has and how many correct judgments were administered. PUBG Mobile did say that reviewers with low accuracy of spottin jili777 g violations will have less impact on the review. If a player keeps reviewing videos and his judgment is too low, the privileges may be revoked.

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