Riot Games’ Valorant Receives “Spike Rush” Mode, “Deathmatch mode” Next

The new shooter by Riot Games Valorant continues to grow. Recently, the “Spike Rush” has been was released and Riot developers now say “Deathmatch” is coming soon.

Valorant Continues to Develop, Producer Argues There Is “Unlimited Potential”

Riot Games announced on June 4 that their new 5-vs-5 first person shooter Valorant can expect more game modes in due time. The game’s primary objective or “mode” is actually a plant-and-defend scenario. This however did not stop the producers from looking at different ways for the game to grow and meet a bigger sample of players’ needs and mindsets.

The game’s closed beta launched back in April, but as of earlier this week, Valorant is officially released. With the official release, an exciting update was introduced yesterday. Besides the standard 5vs5 ranked and unranked game modes, the tactical shooter now offers a new game mode called “Spike Rush”.

Join @darkhorse4life and @BobbyProchnow on a journey through Spike Rush and what to expect for new VALORANT game modes:

— VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) June 4, 2020

Here is what Jared Berbach, producer and product lead for Valorant had to say: “We’re working with a small team of amazing developers to help build out the Modes ecosystem for VALORANT.” He continued by saying that the plant and defend mode will remain the prime focus of the game. Berbach did not miss to say: “…we like to dream that VALORANT has unlimited potential for additional gameplay modes and expansion in the future.“

Here is an Insight on Valorant’s Spike Rush Mode

Based on the ann ph646 ouncement by Riot Games, Spike Rush is an intriguing new game mode. A standard Valorant game continues until a Bo25 victory is secured; some matches can take up to 52 minutes. This however is not the case with the new mode. Spike Rush games will take 8 to 12 minutes. Matches will be played in a Bo7 format with short pre-round and round timing. Team swaps from Attack to Defense will be after 3 rounds. A significant difference in Spike Rush is that every player has the Spike (Bomb). Instead of buying weapons, all players receive one and the same random weapon. In terms of abilities, players are awarded with basic abilities every round. Two ultimate points are awarded by killing or dying. In Spike Rush mode, 3-5 special powerup orbs appear on randomly selected map locations.

According to Riot Games statement, this new game mode is primarily aiming at less time per game, but more sessions. With games under 15 minutes, players can easily get to know the characters and their abilities better. Furthermore, they can experiment with the random gun for all and challenge their skills to master all game weapons. If one can draw a parallel, Valorant’s new game mode resembles the CS:GO Wingman event, where players compete on shorter maps and games are 2vs2 players. But one cannot simply compare the two games as each game is unique on its own.

Further to the statement, Riot Games noted that the Spike Rush mode is still considered a beta. In the future, Riot may decide to remove it, update it or make it a time-limited event. According to the producers, they expect the game’s ecosystem to continue to evolve with more modes and new ideas.

Deathmatch Mode Is Next in Line

Riot’s statement continued by confirming that the team is currently working on the Deathmatch mode for Valorant. Although no specific date was announced, the producing team noted that they have already started work on it. Currently the team is building the technology which will be necessary for such mode. In the statement Riot Games Noted:

The desire for a game type that translates heavily to warming up, fragging out, gun skill, and shooting at “live targets” to improve your aim resonates with us both as competitors and as developers.”

Furthermore, Riot’s team confirmed that they are in the process of developing even more game modes. In conclusion, Riot Games noted that they are open for suggestions. Anyone who would like to contribute to the developing of new game modes for Valorant can easily contact the company via Instagram, Reddit or other platforms and submit an idea.

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