WoW Classic Gets First Esports Event in NA and Europe

Blizzard has announced an inaugural esports event for WoW Classic that will see the best PvP players in Europe and North America duel for a $4,000 prize pool.

The Summer Bowl Arrives on WoW Classic

Blizzard has announced the “Summer Bowl,” a player versus player event for the restarted World of Warcraft Classic game which debuted, once again, on official company servers in August 2019. Since the launch date, interest in the game has been fluctuating, but still keeping steady.

Meanwhile, the Summer Bowl event will be held both in Europe and North America with two $4,000 prize pools, a smidgeon of what most esports tournaments expect, but still an exciting opportunity nevertheless. Blizzard recently implemented the War Game feature that makes it possible for players to team up and compete versus other groups.

Summer Bowl will be held in a 10 versus 10 format in Warsong Gulch, the famous capture-the-flag battleground, with qualifiers kicking off as early as next Wednesday, June 17. Not all details have been revealed with Blizzard probably waiting to gauge interest in the event and then decide on qualifying events.

How to Get in on the Action?

To participate, all players must have a character level 60 and a team of at least 10 members. Only 10 members would be allowed to participate in any one matchup. The actual Summer Bowl event will take place on July 4-5. This is the first time Blizzard has announced an official esports tournament for WoW Classic, taya365 with the company still treading cautiously in the segment and not making any big promises.

There are many experienced PvP players who have never had the opportunity to shine in the classic version of the game. World of Warcraft supports a competitive format for the latest expansion of the game. Esports Charts, an analytics company, keeps track of all recent WoW esports events, and particularly the AWC Spring 2020 Cups.  

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More details about the event are coming soon.